Friday 14th September 2018

The Lansdowne Club, Berkeley Square, London, W1J 5JD

Music by Mozart and Beethoven

L’Octuor de France Jean-Louis Sajot : Fondateur-Directeur Musical

“La musique est peut-être l’example unique de ce qu’aurait pu être (s’il n’y avait pas eu l’invention du langage, la formation des mots, l’analyse des mots, l’analyse des idées) la communication des âmes” – Marcel Proust

Founded thirty years ago by the Clarinetist Jean-Louis Sajot, “L’Octuor de France”, set itself the goal of making known clarinet music from the 18th century to the present day. The title of the ensemble reflects the expansion of its repertoire, but also its desire to promote music around the world through regular tours abroad: from Spain to Poland, from Japan to the USA, through Mexico, Canada and Australia.

The musicians of “L’Octuor de France” perform in formation, ranging from duet to octet, with or without piano. They offer a vast repertoire of important classical, romantic and contemporary works, but have also chosen to give the public the opportunity to rediscover pieces that are forgotten or rarely played. Moreover, “L’Octuor de France” encourages composers today to create new works.

“L’Octuor de France” have recorded compact discs honouring the works of Antonin Reicha, Carl-Maria von Weber, Franz Schubert, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johannes Brahms, Joseph Haydn, Jean Francaix, Marcel Landowski, Johann Sebastian Bach, Max Bruch, Adolphe Blanc, Felix Weingartner and Olivier Messiaen.


Les Musiciens de l’Octuor de France

Jean-Louis Sajot : Clarinette / Directeur musical

Yuriko Naganuma : 1er Violon

Florence Roussin : 2eme Violon

Laurent Jouanneau : Alto

Paul Broutin : Violoncelle

Aurelie Martin : Contrebasse

Vincent Reynaud : Basson

Marc Michels : Cor