COVID-19 Update:

 Amidst the great concern over this pandemic virus we realise that all performing musicians may feel threatened by the possibility of being unable to perform. Needless to say we reassure you that we shall not cancel concerts, but in line with medical and legal restrictions at the present time postpone them for a suitable future date.

In the meantime this is the opportunity for you to practise and, if at all possible record yourself playing as much as you can for the benefit of your teachers as well as personally with regard to posture and playing.  This is a difficult time for everyone but you can make the most of it with more practice than could otherwise have been imagined. If you wish to send any of these recordings to us at the Foundation, especially to our Director of Music for his comments, we welcome all presentations.  Furthermore, if you have any thoughts as to how we can stay together as a musical community please let us know. 

With all thanks and best wishes.