Only applications made via this online form will be considered. Please ensure that you complete the form as fully and as accurately as possible, without exceeding the word count limit. As you cannot save this and return to it later, we recommend that you gather all the information before you start.

Applications must be accompanied by a video and audio performance (recorded no more than six months prior to your application) of your pieces, to include works you already have in your established repertoire. The recording should comprise at least two contrasting works from different musical periods with a total duration of at least twenty-five minutes.

Financial assistance may extend to the offer of a paid performance, solo or otherwise and any such offer will be based on merit and potential, according to your presentation.

Initially, following successful acceptance by the Trustees and with the final decision to be made by the Director of Music, you will be invited to perform a home recital at The Steps and receive a fee of £80 for a solo recital together with funding for travel and accommodation.

Thereafter, further opportunities may be offered elsewhere at the discretion of the Director of Music for which an appropriate fee will be granted.