The Thomas Harris International Piano Foundation (THF) is here to support, advise and encourage you in your career as a musician.  Our Master Classes are open to anyone over the age of 18, on the brink of a performance career, are about to or have graduated from a Music Conservatoire (whatever instrument is played).  We provide opportunities to perform in a wide range of venues, to audiences who appreciate the opportunity of listening to budding talent.  This, in turn, will offer you the chance to develop performance skills in an unpressurised environment, leading to grander venues throughout the UK and Internationally.  For the successful applicant, funding will be made available for transport, accommodation and sundries.

At Thomas's preparatory school in Kent, Saint Ronan's, we also offer the opportunity for very young musicians to compete.  We provide an annual donation to their music department, present an individual sum to the winner as well as an engraved trophy, which remains at the school, an individual trophy to take home and free tickets to a concert organised by the THF where internationally renowned musicians will be performing.

We also offer a variety of Master Classes some of which are held at The Steps in Rye, East Sussex, culminating in a concert in the renowned Winchelsea Church, home of Winchelsea Arts.

The Thomas Harris Foundation is here support you. We give you the opportunity to be part of a like-minded community, to network with other musicians and as a port of call if you are struggling with your music career and would like some advice.


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